be.tex® Green Valuetex FR



The Yarn that is used for be.tex® green Valuetex FR is sustainably produced out of recycled plastic bottles. The fabric is soft, crease free and opaque. By using the be.tex® green Valuetex FR material, you make a valuable contribution for environment protection. Important: Run a print test! Many factors influence the textile during printing and application. All technical data were determined according to the current state of measurement technology and reflect the values of the measurement sample. Despite the highest quality standards, there may be production deviations – all information are legally non-binding and without guarantee.

  • Pictogramme

    Fire retardant DIN EN 13501-1 (B-s1d0)
    Cold Cut
    Perfect fit - printable with sublimation ink
    Perfect fit - Sub Paper printable with transferpaper


    Display Frame System
    Pop-up Displaysystems
    Table cloth

  • Features

    Crease resistant
    Good flatness
    No fraying

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