be.tex® Revolution FR



A display textile that unites everything and let the printer‘s heart beat faster. Compared to the standard display, it is softer, more crease-free, has a finer structure and is more opaque. Even detailed motives are perfectly reproduced. And it always shows its best side once glossy, once matt. Processing tip: Use a thin needle and a longer stitch.

Important: Run a print test! Many factors influence the textile during printing and application. Thoroughly treated, the printed textile can be carefully folded. All information is based on experience, but is legally non-binding and without guarantee.

  • Main Application



    Display Frame System
    Pop-up Displaysystems
    Table cloth

  • Features

    1 matt & 1 glossy side
    Crease resistant
    No fraying
    Very soft

A. Berger GmbH

Weyerhofstraße 68/E49 47803 Krefeld, Germany

+49 2151 387 6700

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