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The Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky would be delighted to see his works on this polyester fabric. It is the most widely used canvas for art prints and canvas frames. An inexpensive alternative for a perfect picture. The coated side is equipped for latex, UV and water-based inks. Uncoated side printable in DyeSub transfer. 18 m rolls are on a 50mm/2“ core. Important: Run a print test! Many factors influence the textile during printing and application. All technical data were determined according to the current state of measurement technology and reflect the values of the measurement sample. Despite the highest quality standards, there may be production deviations – all information are legally non-binding and without guarantee. - Not for sale in the USA -

  • Main Application



    Canvas Frame / Art Reproduction
    Display Frame System
    Wall covering

  • Features

    Good flatness
    No fraying

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