PES Taffeta 55 FR



PES Tafetta FR is versatile, printed and unprinted. Use it unprinted for projections. With perfect print through it is ideal for curtains, drapes and flags. As a reusable shopping bag it makes itself small in every handbag. Once used, you will use Tafetta more often. Guaranteed!

Carefully handled, the printed textile can be folded carefully. Woven fabric must be cut hot, otherwise the textile will fray at the cut edges. Important: Make a print test! Many factors influence the textile during printing and application. All information is based on experience, but is legally non-binding and without guarantee.

  • Pictogramme

    No curl
    Perfect fit - printable with sublimation ink
    Printable with sublimation inks
    Perfect fit - Sub Paper printable with transferpaper
    Printable with sublimation inks


    Beach Flag
    Home / Interior / Decoration
    Projections (front/back)

  • Features

    Very soft

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