Environmentally and quality-conscious. A strong combination for bergertextile.

Responsible use of resources and a higher awareness of environmental and climate protection are becoming increasingly important today. For this reason, bergertextiles is launching its sustainability initiative with the beginning of the new decade and introducing a new product line with textiles made from 100% recycled yarn.


Material of the future.

It is important for us to create greater awareness of sustainability, while maintaining the quality of the products. Our sustainable textiles are therefore made from 100 % recycled yarn, which is made from PET bottles. This not only reduces the amount of plastic waste, but also reduces the required energy consumption and thus the CO2 emissions.

But it’s not just the yarn that drives sustainability. In addition, almost all bergertextiles products are certified according to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, free from PVC, heavy metals and phthalates and all our coatings are water-based. All products are REACH-compliant and comply with the numerous statutory environmental requirements worldwide.

The textil

Reduction of CO2 Emission
Energy Savings

* In the production of polyester from recycled PET bottles.

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How does used PET bottles become a textile?

The yarn for this textile is obtained from used PET bottles in a GRS-certified process. Approximately 12 used 1.5 litres PET bottles yield one square metre of textile. But it is not only the use of old PET bottles that makes these textiles so sustainable. The changed production process also requires less energy than conventional polyester yarns. This reduced energy consumption leads to an additional reduction of CO2 emissions of around 50 % compared to normal production.


The process simplified
Used PET-bottles are cleaned in a water-saving manner, shredded into small flakes and processed into granulate. This is melted, converted into fibres, spun into yarn and finally processed into new bergertextiles. 100 % recycled.

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