In this challenging time, we want to work more closely together with our partners, and in particular, utilise what everyone can do best. Together, we can generate new ideas, learn from each other, pool forces and help each other in this critical, economic situation. It is important to us that our partners and customers can give their employees and colleagues the best possible support to stay healthy, keep their company on course and also provide their customers with advice and action.

The contribution that bergertextiles can make from our side, is to provide a platform for a unified network. On this platform, we want to show you 


real solutions that some of our partners are already implementing and at the same time, serve as an interface for fast and easy communication.

In addition to this platform for exchange, bergertextiles meanwhile, offers materials from the current range in stock, as well as new materials that will be procured, that can be used to manufacture products to help in this extraordinary time.

Our team is at your side with advice and action - if you have further product ideas, please contact us!



Small flag, big effect. Help the restaurants and retail trade to attract more attention with favorable beach flags, which are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The hard-wearing flags withstand strong wind or rain and also reach potential customers at first glance.

Light boxes ​

Ideal as a temporary measure to highlight important information, providing a great impact and commanding maximum attention. They can be used flexibly, as spacers or as an information wall with individual information. Pre-assembled sets in various sizes and orientations thus offer a quick and uncomplicated solution for measures against Covid-19.

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Textile stretch frames / signs​

These can be used to separate certain areas from other areas, and thus reduce the risk of infection, due to transmission by droplets. The low weight and easy assembly of the textile clamping frame, offers you a variety of possible uses and thus the flexibility to react quickly to situations, in which new information or social-distancing measures are important. Water-repellent and air-impermeable textiles are suitable for this, which can also be individually printed and disinfected.

Makeshift Mouth-Nose Masks

These are necessary to reduce the risk of transmission of the coronavirus, because it restricts the distribution of droplets that occur when you speak, cough or sneeze. bergertextiles emphasizes that masks made from our products are support aids only, and are therefore not subject to any medical, European standard.

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Our partner TAOPiX offers a suitable software for personalized masks.

Taopix Ltd., a leading provider of white label personalisation and photo commerce software used the information from our bergertextiles “we care” site to develop a 3D model for a Makeshift Mouth-Nose Masks. Taopix customers can use the 3D model free of charge to sell personalized face masks.

Smock / aprons​

Water-impermeable and flame-retardant textiles can be used as room dividers in the Covid 19 pandemic to prevent direct droplet transmission.

Suitable for this among others:

Curtains / partitions​

Made of water-impermeable textiles, which can can be used as a personal shield against liquids. Bergertextiles offers waterproof and flame retardant textiles that can also be disinfected.

Suitable for this among others:

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Tents / pavilions​

Made of water-impermeable and flame-retardant textiles, these can be used as a mobile deployment station in crisis situations, to relieve emergency rooms, to supply emergency services, as a mobile Covid-19 test station or as a protective gate. The construction is generally very easy and quick to setup.

Suitable for this among others:

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bergertextiles is proud of the strong team spirit and willingness to help, of every single team member. Thanks to a spontaneous and extraordinary effort, we can now equip our entire team with nose and mouth masks.

Our team is at your side with advice and action - if you have further product ideas, please contact us!

We are already working successfully with these international partners.

To contact one of our partners directly, please click on the company logo. An email opens with the partner as the recipient, in which you can describe your request or need. Together we will do everything we can to offer the highest level of advice, availability and understanding, in the current situation.

bergertextiles is not liable for any damage or infection when processing our textiles.

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